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Nerf N-Strike Thunderblast Launcher

RM 129.90

Hit the battlefield with the might of the Thunderblast missile blaster! This hardcore launcher will help you to dominate any battle. Just load a missile into the barrel and pull back the slide to fire at targets up to 60 feet away! The action grip helps you to steady your shot, and you’ll need it because this blaster files big missiles. You can store up to 2 missiles on the top of the blaster, and the Tactical Rail lets you add N-Strike accessories (sold separately) for even more battle capability. Who will stand against you and your Thunderblast launcher? Load up and find out!

• Thunderblast launcher fires missiles into battle up to 60 feet
• Action grip helps you steady your shot
• Missile storage for up to 2 missiles on the top rail
• N-Strike accessories (sold separately) attach to the launcher’s Tactical Rail
• Includes 2 missiles
• Ages 8 and up

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